Achieving goals is a challenge and an added value for both the client and the advocate.

Office of sworn advocates "Neimane & Partners"

The office of sworn advocates Neimane & Partners specialises in providing legal assistance in the Republic of Latvia and in international cases.

About the office

Drawing on many years of experience and based on the fundamental principles of honest, ethical, and responsible practice, the office of sworn advocates Neimane & Partners provides legal assistance with a guarantee of the highest quality. The case of each client is thought through and analytically planned, competently handled and confidentially serviced with unwavering diligence and loyalty, backed by a wealth of professional experience and cooperation with trusted colleagues.

The work of our team of lawyers is based on professionalism, long-term confidentiality, and structured service provision. Our cooperation is based on mutually efficient and focused work, thus maintaining the results of our practical work at a consistently prominent level and strengthening the professional reputation of our firm with every success.

The firm's practice areas

Office of sworn advocates "Neimane & Partners"

Qualified legal services for legal and natural persons in non-standard cases, the solution and achievement of which requires more than a white paper and a black ink.