The firm's practice areas

Legal Proceedings

The key factor in representing a client in various legal proceedings is to know the merits of the case itself, and to understand the material in the case. The Firm’s team has extensive experience in representing clients in various litigation proceedings, including civil, criminal, and administrative proceedings, in international legal proceedings, including representation and preparation of various litigation documentation for the European Court of Human Rights.

Criminal Law

The Firm's lawyers provide first-class legal assistance to detainees, suspects, accused persons, victims, and witnesses, including legal persons. As part of legal assistance, the Firm's lawyers assist in case of pre-trial restrictions and provide representation in proceedings concerning the proceeds of crime. The Firm’s team is also experienced in providing legal assistance in various cases of economic crime. The Firm's clients are also advised on money laundering issues (under the Law on the prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism and proliferation) and on the application of international sanctions.

International Criminal Law

In cooperation with foreign colleagues, the Firm's lawyers provide legal assistance in matters of international criminal law, assisting detainees, suspects, accused persons, victims, and witnesses, including legal persons, in case of pre-trial restrictions, and, in cooperation with foreign colleagues, in defending the interests of individuals before international courts.

Preparation of Legal Opinions

One of the Firm's activities is the preparation and delivery of legal opinions to clients, with the aim of providing comprehensive, high quality and legally sound explanations to the various questions prepared by clients. The Firm’s team can provide clients with competent explanations on various issues, including the Law on the prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism and proliferation, commercial, criminal, and civil law. Such legal opinions are also often used as supplementary material in various legal proceedings and in cooperation with various state and private institutions when there is uncertainty about a particular issue in a case.

Administrative Law

The Firm’s team represents clients in various administrative proceedings, including administrative offences, providing legal assistance in the preparation of procedural documents required by the parties to the administrative proceedings. The Firm’s team provides assistance in administrative proceedings in the cases with state institutions.

Banking Law

The team of the Firm assists clients in their relations with various credit institutions, mostly banks, and with other financial institutions. As part of its legal assistance, the Firm's team advises clients on diverse services offered by banks, including lending, mortgage loans (and other finance matters related to real estate), advises on loan mergers, refinancing and restructuring, and prepares the necessary documents. The Firm’s team assists clients in dealing with financial sector regulators, including the Financial and Capital Markets Commission and the State Revenue Service.

Commercial Law

The Firm’s team provides full legal assistance to clients in various matters related to the establishment and registration of companies, assistance in making and applying for registration of various changes in companies. For this assistance, the Firm prepares the necessary documents in accordance with the requirements of the Commercial Law and other regulatory acts, their proper execution and submission, including the necessary communication with the Register of Enterprises and other state institutions. The team of the Firm also advises on a wide range of commercial transactions related to company mergers, purchase of capital shares/shares, reorganisations, and liquidations.